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Automating your cash handling can save hours per day, allowing employees and management to focus on customer engagement, customer service, staff training and more.

Save Time and Streamline Cash Handling with Automation

Whether you are a large grocery retail outlet looking to reduce the time spent handling cash or you are a smaller grocery outlet looking to reduce the numbers of trips to the bank, we can create a solution for you. Utilising the latest machines for counting, sorting, recycling or depositing cash, you can save your grocery business a significant amount of hours and resources in cash handling.
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For better security and improved operating efficiency, cash handling machines are the way to go. 

Our experienced team have spent years assisting the Grocery sector in selecting the right cash machines, we know the challenges you face in cash handling and how you need to operate in order to overcome them. Simply give us a call and we will meet with you, talk to you and your staff, analyse your processes and existing machines and provide you with a plan of improvements in either procedure, software, machine upgrades or a mix of these.

  • Increase Engagement with Customers
  • Gain access to Real Time Cash Reporting
  • Increase Security for your Employees
  • Reduce Cash Held with Recycling Solutions

Grocery Retail Cash Management Case StudyOne of our existing grocery retailers spoke to us about how our services and products have impacted their business - see below, it's a good read! Retail Case Study

We're happy to help you so if you would like to know how your grocery retail store could be helped with cash handling machines, give us a call or Complete our Enquiry form.

"They’re always available on the phone if we have an issue and the issues are always resolved. When I don’t hear from them that’s good. I can completely trust them to do what they do"

Head of IT

"We don’t get let down. Particularly with a new store, we can’t get let down. They come in, get it done, then leave and it’s something I never have to worry about"

Head of IT

"I want to maintain the status quo. I might change other types of machines, but the supplier, Money Point, would be identical"

Head of IT

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