NOW is the time to automate...

| 07 Jan 2019

NOW is the time to automate...

According to the ESRI, 'an improvement in sentiment in November 2018 pointed to sustained growth in spending', indicating that consumer spending over Christmas and the New Year would likely be on a positive upward trend.

Whether January is traditionally one of your businesses busier times or a time to pause (and breathe!) after the Christmas rush, it is also a key time to ascertain whether your cash handling processes are up to scratch.

No matter what sector you operate in, if there are weak links in your cash handling processes they will never be more obvious (or the pain as fresh) as during or straight after a seasonal rush. It is also a lot easier for you to run the figures while they are current and see if automation is a worthwhile investment for you.


Although the war on cash is continuing, driven almost entirely by banks and credit card companies, it is likely that cash will never disappear completely from circulation and it will take years for its use to drop significantly enough in Ireland to warrant a decision on whether to continue to accept it in your business. The fact is that there are very few businesses in operation in this country that are in a position to refuse a sale from a customer because it is in cash.

This means that it is in your businesses best interests to ensure that your cash handling processes are as efficient as possible. Automation reduces your cash handling time, improves efficiencies, eliminates counting errors, dramatically improves security, reduces risk and frees up time for your staff to focus more on customer facing and revenue generating activities.

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