Arca CashSecure CS1One

With the Arca CS1one, Both Validation And Deposit Are Available Directly At The POS Using A Unique Cash Deposit System. Due To Its Small Footprint It Can Be Easily Placed Below Or Beside The Cash Till With Minimal Impact On Existing Workstations.

  • Validation
  • Cash Deposit
  • Auto-Sealing Tamper Evident Plastic Bag
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Product Description

Front Line Till Skimming Retail Solution

• Reduces shrinkage risks and cash snatches at checkout enabling instant deposit right after cash collection from the customer

• Guarantees Safe Withdrawal of cash from the teller line to the back office through use of auto-sealing, tamper evident, plastic bags with stacked notes


Retailers can obtain significant benefits from the multiple features provided by the innovative CashSecure CS1one.

With CS1one, both validation and deposit are available directly at the Point of Sale using a unique cash deposit system. Due to its small footprint, it can be easily placed below or beside the cash till with minimal impact on existing workstations.

The flexibility of this deposit and validation device guarantees easy integration with devices already present at the cash point - PC, printer, badge reader - to take advantage of the full potential of the existing workstation.


While the CS1one fits seamlessly under/on any standard counter, fastened through its bracket systems, the CS1oneT is designed for environments that require higher security levels since the device is firmly blocked on the floor and equipped with a mechanical lock.

Maintaining same reduced footprint and features, the CS1oneT can be easily managed in standing retail checkouts extending workstation configurations.

Increase Efficiency

Creating a closed cash handling process at the teller line – counting, validating and secure storing – CS1one allows cash to be processed very quickly, less expensively and more securely.

Improve Logistics

CS1one reduces general costs introducing automatic solutions for cash handling and transportation. The CTS exclusive auto-sealing, tamper evident, stacked bag combines together the benefits of both cassette and a plastic bag. As a result, cash withdrawals are easier and faster while guaranteeing high levels of security during the transportation process.

Dimensions W 180mm x D 310mm x H 340mm
Weight 18kg
Capacity Capacity: 500 notes (stacked)
Speed Input: 1 note/second
Display 128 x 64 pixels
Currencies Euro
Options User Identification, Printer, Bluetooth, Bracket System
Additional Information Integration: PC, Printer, Barge Reader, Security: Strong Box, Connections: USB 2.0, LAN 10-100Mbit/s