Cash Handling Industry Survey

Confidentiality - Our Promise To You

We know that the information on cash handling processes within your business can be sensitive and we understand that in some cases you may be reluctant to share that information unnecessarily.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that the purpose of this survey is not to identify you or your business on an individual level but instead to gather aggregated data on the cash handling industry in Ireland.

Money Point Ltd. is a private, Irish owned and family run company that has been operating since 1990. Our registered company address and offices are at 19 Turvey Business Park, Turvey, Co. Dublin. Our company registration number is 202100. Our primary business is the sale and distribution of cash handling equipment and software solutions in Ireland and abroad.

The results of this survey will be used to identify knowledge gaps in the cash handling industry which Money Point may be able to address through online and offline sales and marketing activities. The results will also be used to help shape our future sales and marketing strategies.

Money Point have used the services of Survey Monkey to create and analyse this survey.

Survey responses will only be used in a collective. Individual responses will not be used. Individual comments may be quoted in future sales and marketing materials in relation to a sector but will not in any way be personally identifiable to a specific person or a company.

IP addresses or other personally identifiable data will not be collected by Survey Monkey for this survey.

For more information on Survey Monkeys data collection and retention policies visit;

Free Draw Details

All respondents (where contact information has been provided) will be entered into a free draw for a chance to win either €500 off your next purchase with Money Point OR €100 towards your employee social fund. This choice will be offered to the winner directly. The winner will be chosen at random from all respondents after the survey has closed on the 18th of May 2018 and will be notified within 10 working days.

For the purpose of conducting the free draw, we do ask for an email address or a phone number within the survey. Please note that this information will only be used to contact the winner. If no contact information is provided, we will be unable to include you in the draw. Contact information will be stored separately to survey responses so that the anonymity of the survey responses is preserved. Any contact information provided for the purpose of the draw will be deleted after the winner has been announced.

Only one entry per business is allowed. A completed survey is required for the entry to be considered valid. This condition is automatically validated through the survey structure. Entrants must provide an answer to each of the survey questions in order to get to the section where optional contact information can be provided for the purpose of the free draw. In order to be able to successfully complete the survey the respondent would need to be working in an environment where cash is processed and to have some knowledge of those processes. 

The €500 discount may be redeemed on individual transactions of €750 or more. This discount cannot be split over multiple transactions or redeemed against an order value of less than €750. The alternative prize of €100 towards your employee social fund may be paid in cash or by cheque, depending on the winners preference.

Where possible, the prize will be hand delivered by a representative of Money Point Ltd., within 10 working days of the winner being notified.

Only one prize of a €500 discount OR €100 in cash is available. This prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged in whole or part for an alternative prize.

If we are unable to contact the winner after three attempts, a replacement winner will be chosen at random. The opportunity to enter this free draw will be provided only via email invitation to customers on Money Point's database. 


The winner of the free draw agrees to partake in any publicity (online & otherwise) related to this particular campaign, including but not limited to, a prize presentation photo which will be published, along with the winner's name and/or company name in Money Point Ltd.'s online and social media news feeds.


Please direct any queries on the above to