Laurel K8 Desktop Note Sorter

The Laurel K8 Is A Heavy Duty 8 Pocket Banknote Sorting & Counting Machine.

  • Fitness Sorting
  • Banknote Value Counting
  • Banknote Denomination Sorting
  • ATM Sorting
  • Face and Orientation Sorting
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Counts Up To 900 Banknotes Per Minute
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Product Description

The Laurel K8 is an efficient desktop banknote machine with the ability to offer a cost-effective solution for fitness and denomination sorting and counting. The Laurel K8 banknote sorter is a heavy duty 8 pocket plus 1 reject fitness sorting and counting machine.

The Laurel 8 pocket banknote machine is equipped with enhanced and reliable counterfeit detection and has a high-tech tape detection function for fitness detection.

Features include: Auto branch function, multiple sorting modes, Sorts to ATM and ECB fit standards and can facilitate a connection with cash management systems.

Dimensions W 960mm x D 400mm x H 700mm
Weight 130kg
Capacity 1,000 notes (Hopper), 200 notes (Stacker), 200 notes (Reject)
Speed Count: 900 pcs/min, Value/fitness: 720 pcs/min
Display LCD
CF Detection IR, MG,UV, MT
Frequency 50-60Hz
Currencies Up to 5
Power Supply AC 120-240V
Options Printer, RS-232, Multiple Language, Display Options, OSD
Additional Information Number of Stackers: 9, ECB Compatible