Prema Coin Counter, Sorter & Packaging Machine

The Prema 300 F SE Stop Is A Reliable Coin Counting, Sorting and Packaging Machine.

  • Coin Counting
  • Denomination Sorting
  • Batching
  • Packaging
  • Up To 400 Coins Per Minute
  • Euro Coin Currency Only
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Product Description

The Prema 300 F SE Stop is an accurate and reliable coin counting, sorting and packaging machine enabled by the forced transportation and individual scanning of each coin. It is easy to operate and stores the current count totals, individual memory values and grand totals.

The 300 F functions see the counting, sorting and packaging process of coins in one step into tubes and / or bags.

The Stop attachment is for the simultaneous batching of all individual denominations.

The MD2 stands for the new sensor which is able to detect a foreign and counterfeit coin and which is certificated by the European Central Bank.


Dimensions W 790mm x D 335mm x H 430 + 180 (610)mm
Weight 46kg
Capacity 700 coins (Hopper), 4,000 coins (Automatic Conveyor)
Speed Count: 400 coins/min
Display Digital
Frequency 50-60Hz
Currencies Euro
Power Supply AC 230V
Options 1 set of coin containers for normal counting and sorting, Automatic conveyor
Additional Information Stop electronics for programming up to 2 different batch sizes per denomination. Built in EPSON printer for printing detailed analysis of stored values.