Counterfeit Banknote Alert, Limerick & Surrounding Areas

| 24 Aug 2018

Counterfeit Banknote Alert, Limerick & Surrounding Areas

Gardai in Limerick have warned that counterfeit notes are doing the rounds again.

A spokesperson said that an off-licence in County Limerick took in a €50 note from a young male.

“He purchased goods to the value of €11 and the change was handed out before the staff member checked the note and found it to be a dud note. She did attempt to stop the male from leaving but he ran off.


Every business should at least have the marker pen to establish whether it is a legitimate note or not before change is handed over to the customer,” they added.


Published: 23 Aug 2018 |Image: ECB

Money Point does not recommend that business owners rely solely on counterfeit pens or ultraviolet lights as a means of protecting their business from counterfeit banknotes, as these devices can be easily fooled by good quality counterfeits.


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