From Cash In To Cash Out, We Supply Solutions That Work

| 15 Nov 2018

From Cash In To Cash Out, We Supply Solutions That Work

We have been working with Irish businesses across all sectors for almost thirty years and there is not much we haven’t seen when it comes to cash handling.

We appreciate that every sector and indeed every business is unique with its own processes, procedures, resources and individual preferences so we will always work closely with our customers to find the perfect cash handling solutions for them and their budget.

We always advise and collaborate. We never dictate.

Welcome to part one in our four part series detailing the specific areas that we look at in relation to cash management and how our hardware, software and expertise could benefit you and your bottom line as well as freeing up time to focus on more productive tasks.

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Part 1) Cash In...

Here at Money Point we know the importance of implementing robust processes in relation to how cash is accepted into and processed by your business.

When looking at ‘Cash In’ we ask the following questions;
  • What are the weak spots in relation to safety, security, risk and efficiencies? How can these be addressed?
  • Can the cash be easily checked or authenticated before being accepted?
  • Do staff have the correct training to be able to do this? For example, is ‘Banknote Recycling Framework (BRF) training required?
  • Is existing equipment being utilised efficiently?
  • Is the right equipment being used?
  • Is the cash being stored securely at the counter/point of sale?
  • Is the cash being recorded accurately at this point?
  • Are there any areas where time can be saved or processes improved – for staff? –for customers?
What we often find is that our clients can really benefit from a fresh and objective pair of eyes when it comes to existing processes. It can be daunting to start examining an old process that seems to be working well but we always tell our clients that 99% of the time there is something that can be improved without too much upheaval.
arca cash eco system
For both financial institutions and retail our most complete cash management solution is the Arca CM18B Teller Cash Recycler; a back office solution which can be combined with the Arca CC3R coin recycler for a complete cash management solution.Together these two pieces of equipment improve security, reduce time spent counting, automate float preparation and provide comprehensive real time reporting. At your point of sale, electronic counterfeit detectors and smart drop boxes can be installed to provide additional security and reduce the amount of cash in the tills. For smaller businesses with low volumes of cash, we also offer a wide range of desktop equipment and accessories such as Tellermate coin and note weighers and coin trays.

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