Advice on Loss Prevention

| 30 Aug 2018

Advice on Loss Prevention

In one of our recent articles; ‘Are The Right People Taking Cash Out Of Your Tills?’ we spoke about the prevalence of shrinkage, fraud, theft and related crimes in the retail sector.

Some of the figures we came across in our research for that article were quite alarming. In 2016, Shelflife reported that 39% of all retailers have experienced internal theft and the latest figures from the CSO shows robberies (and related offences) up 15.9%, burglary up 1.2% and theft up 8.1%. These are trends that, although they are not related specifically to retail, are definitely heading in the wrong direction.

We thought it would be interesting to explore this in more detail and see what kind of advice and support is out there for business owners that have been the target of these types of crimes.


Our first port of call was the official Garda Síochána website which has a helpful section dedicated to retailer security and an advice area specifically related to cash and security control.

There is a downloadable advice pack available on this page and albeit a little out of date (2016), the information is still relevant and helpful. We were unfortunately unable to access any of the documents to view or download from this specific link due to a reoccurring server error.

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With a bit more research we found that the same information leaflets are available from the page below but you will need to browse through a library for the ones you want;




According to the Garda website, ‘within each Garda Division, there are specialist Crime Prevention Officers that are trained to encourage, promote and advise on crime prevention in both private and business communities.’ Contact information for your local CPO can be found here;

The Garda website also offers contact details for victim support offices across the country.


Retail Excellence is a not for profit group which was established to provide networking opportunities and to support retailers across Ireland. They have multiple members groups, one of which incorporates a forum for advice on loss prevention.

“We recognize that loss prevention is a key issue for all retailers regardless of size, bricks and mortar or online. We have developed a Loss Prevention Handbook which outlines key areas for member focus. Our Loss Prevention Group is a forum where loss prevention experts share best practice and knowledge in dealing with this very challenging issue. Retail Excellence passes on these insights to the wider Membership to aid in reducing theft from their businesses.”


This advice is unfortunately not free. There is an annual membership fee to join Retail Excellence, starting at €250 for micro businesses employing 1-4 employees.

Another quick online search for 'loss prevention advice' offered up TRC solutions, a software provider based in Dundrum that has published a loss prevention guide compiled by Michael Neary, Loss Prevention Manager for Harvey Norman in their blog. 

Michael Neary’s presentation for the Retail Excellence Retreat last year can also be downloaded from the Retail Excellence website (links in the reference list below).

“Neary’s advice for shopkeepers who were regularly losing stock was to spend a morning in the nearest district court: ”It’s the best way to get to know your local shoplifters.”


Free advice, support and even statistics for Irish retailers in relation to retail theft, robberies and shrinkage is definitely not as readily available as it could be. It seems that business owners are often left to deal with loss prevention alone or pay for professional advice which adds to the financial burden they are already shouldering.

With that in mind, we hope that you will find the following tips useful. 

Top Tips For Loss Prevention In Your Business;

  • Identify your risk areas and re-evaluate your processes in those areas step by step, ensuring that adequate internal policies, checks and controls are in place to prevent loss.
  • Foster a culture of openness, fairness and transparency in relation to all processes and policies. If your staff feel trusted and supported they will be more likely to assist you in tracing and preventing loss.
  • Ge to know your local Garda Crime Prevention Officer.
  • Be active within your community. Attend local networking and enterprise events, get to know other business owners in the area and set up a forum for sharing information if one is not already in place.
  • Speak to your insurance company. They don’t want you to make a claim any more than you want to and they may be able to offer advice or refer you to local experts if there are particular areas you are concerned about. 
  • Avail of free consultations from professional loss prevention experts and/or retail and cash equipment suppliers to help you gather information on the best type of loss prevention solutions and strategies for your business.


Money Point are in a unique position to be able to advise you on the best course of action to help you identify risk, reduce loss and increase efficiencies in your business. We have almost three decades of cash handling and management experience across all sectors in Ireland and we have a team of in house experts waiting to take your call.

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