Midlands Counterfeit Banknote Alert: Westmeath, Laois & Offaly

| 11 Sep 2018

Midlands Counterfeit Banknote Alert: Westmeath, Laois & Offaly

An article published online yesterday by the Offaly Express said that; 'A warning has been issued by local Gardai after counterfeit €50 notes have been found in circulation.'

'Crime Prevention Officers Sgt Patrick Guinan, Westmeath and Sgt Graham Kavanagh, Laois and Offaly are asking business owners to be on alert for the fake €50 notes. A number of businesses in Mullingar and Delvin have a been hit with counterfeit notes in the past week. 

taking fifties from a till

According to the Central Bank, there are many security features incorporated into euro banknotes that make them difficult to recreate. Many of these features can be checked manually using the Feel-Look-Tilt test. 


Click here to read the advice from the Central Bank on how to check if a note is counterfeit.'

Article: https://www.offalyexpress.ie/news/home/334754/warning-issued-as-counterfeit-50-notes-found-in-circulation.html

Published: 10th September | By Damian Moran

Images Sourced from Google Maps & https://www.ecb.europa.eu

Money Point does not recommend that business owners rely solely on counterfeit pens or ultraviolet lights as a means of protecting their business from counterfeit banknotes, as these devices can be easily fooled by good quality counterfeits.


You can read more on this by visiting the links below;



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