UK Counterfeit Banknote Alert: South Worcestershire

| 06 Jun 2018

UK Counterfeit Banknote Alert: South Worcestershire

A warning has been issued to businesses across South Worcestershire after the discovery of forged £20 notes, writes Layla Chiha.

Officers from West Mercia Police have urged shops and other firms to be on their guard and to check notes before accepting them.

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Businesses which believe that they have been passed a fake note should keep hold of it and if possible, contact the police.

To ensure the authenticity of £20 Bank of England notes, traders should closely check the security features on them and use any device at their disposal, such as ultraviolet light scanners.

More general checks that people can carry out include checking the watermark, metallic thread, raised printing, holographic foil image, texture and the image of its value when placed under ultraviolet light.

Bank notes from Scotland and Northern Ireland have very similar security features and much of this advice is applicable to them.

Anyone with information on the counterfeit cash should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively, visit and convey the details there.


Published: 5 June 2018 

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Money Point does not recommend that business owners rely solely on counterfeit pens or ultraviolet lights as a means of protecting their business from counterfeit banknotes, as these devices can be easily fooled by good quality counterfeits.


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