UK Counterfeit Banknote Alert: Suffolk

| 17 Dec 2018

UK Counterfeit Banknote Alert: Suffolk

According to the Suffolk Police UK website, 'Police are urging businesses to be vigilant following reports of counterfeit bank notes being used across Suffolk county.'



  • My Food Store, St Matthew’s Street, Ipswich – A male offender attempted to pay for a drink using a counterfeit £20 note shortly after 6.20pm on Monday 3 December.  The note was refused by the cashier (37/69942/18).
  • Star Grill Kebabs, Ipswich – Two male offenders attempted to pay for food with a counterfeit £20 note but the note was refused by a member of staff at around 10.15pm on Monday 3 December (37/70518/18).
  • Burger King, Westgate Street, Ipswich – A number of fake £20 notes were taken on Monday 10 December (CAD 369 of 10 December).
  • Aldi, Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds – A male offender attempted to use a counterfeit £50 note in the supermarket at around 3pm on Tuesday 11 December. The note was refused (CAD 221 of 11 December).
  • Little Chef, London Road, Capel St Mary – Three male offenders entered the restaurant and each purchased low value items using counterfeit £20 notes shortly before 4pm on Tuesday 11 December (CAD 279 of 11 December).
  • East of England Co-op, The Street, East Bergholt – Two males entered the shop at around 3.45pm on Tuesday 11 December. One of the offenders paid for their items using a fake £50 and another offender attempted to pay for their items but the sale was refused by an employee.

The first suspect is described as male, in his late 20s, white, of a slim build and approximately 6ft. He was wearing blue jeans and black shoes.

The second suspect is described as white, around 6ft, of a stocky build and in his late 40s. He was wearing a black coat, blue jeans, black shoes, a white baseball cap and had an Irish accent (CAD 153 of 12 December).

 The Village Store, Samuel Court, Ipswich – An unknown male entered the store and attempted to pay for items using a counterfeit £20 note on Tuesday 11 December. The sale was refused (37/71657/18).

 Mannings, Cornhill, Ipswich – Two males were reported for allegedly using counterfeit £20 notes on Tuesday 11 December (CAD 390 of 11 December).

Buttermarket, Ipswich – Two males were reported for allegedly trying to use counterfeit £20 notes on Tuesday 11 December (CAD 391 of 11 December).

B&M, Carr Street, Ipswich – Four offenders entered the shop at around 6pm and each paid for low value items using counterfeit notes before leaving again (37/72219/18).
Police are keen to raise awareness among shopkeepers in particular about these incidents and would advise businesses to be vigilant and check cash as thoroughly as possible.

Anyone who is offered any counterfeit notes or has any information about anyone involved in the circulation of counterfeit money, can contact Suffolk police on 101, quoting the relevant reference number or cad number.

Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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Money Point does not recommend that business owners rely solely on counterfeit pens or ultraviolet lights as a means of protecting their business from counterfeit banknotes, as these devices can be easily fooled by good quality counterfeits.

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