Case Study - Grocery Retailer

We spoke with Conor, the manager of an expanding supermarket in Ireland.

This supermarket had recently grown, expanding from 5 tills to 10.

Conor needed a way of streamlining the cash counting process for each teller. In addition to this, they had recently installed an ATM which means that Conor must ensure their full compliance with the ECB's Banknote Recirculation Framework (BRF). Having provided Conor with a basic cash and coin counting machine when the store first opened, he contacted us to see how we could help, now that the business had grown.

"We needed machines that would ensure our compliance with the Banknote Recirculation Framework. It is an ECB requirement that all cash recycled through an ATM is verified & authenticated by ECB tested machines. Money Point were able to deliver and support those products."

More till operators means more floats to balance.

For the end of shift float counts, each teller was taking it in turn to use the old note and coin counting machine. This meant that some staff members were forced to stay behind for up to an hour after their shift ended. Once each cash drawer was balanced, Conor then had to carefully analyse the remaining banknotes by eye to ensure they were met the BRF standard before they could be loaded back into their ATM. This was taking far too long and was taking Conor away from his main responsibilities.

We helped Conor replace his dated cash machine with four top of the range Tellermate TiX 2000 note, coin and voucher weighing machines. 

Now each teller can count and balance a full cash drawer in under 2 minutes!

A full report is also sent directly to the PC which means that staff no longer need to stay back after their shift has ended.

Along with the new Tellermates, we installed a Julong JL 206F Banknote Fitness Sorter. This machine provides the necessary Central Bank reporting data required for the Banknote Recirculation Framework. Conor can count, sort and verify up to 1,400 notes a minute, much quicker and more accurate than when he did it by eye.

"I may upgrade the machines but my supplier will always be Money Point. They are reliable and provide a two-way relationship. You always have a contact within the company that is available to talk through any concerns and they always revert with sound advice and instructions."


We are proud to have helped these leading businesses to be even more successful!

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