Arca CM18B Cash Recycler

This CM18B Can Prepare The Cashier Till At The Start Of The Day And Receive The Returning Cash At The End Of Day Without Any Additional Supervision.

  • Banknote Recycler - Deposits and Dispenses
  • Counting And Sorting
  • Validation And Fitness Sorting
  • Secure Connectivity Options
  • Improves Cash Control
  • Saves Time In The Cash Process
  • Cash Bag For CIT Collections
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Product Description

The CM18B is a teller cash recycler and bag machine for an extended deposit capability developed to provide benefits for all cash-cycle stakeholders, including retailers, commercial banks, and CITs / armoured carriers.

The teller cash recycler and bag is easy to integrate with any back-office environment, both banking and retail, and in combination with coin deposit / recyclers, badge readers, printers and software applications, represents the perfect solution for cash handling automation. Recycling With its recycler capacity makes CM18b is ideally suited to a retail environment.

No Additional Supervision Needed

The cash recycler and bag machine can prepare the till for a teller at the start of the day and receive the returning cash at the end of the day without any additional supervision. Deposit In responding to the needs of the leading CIT companies, CM18B teller cash recycler offers the unique feature of a dedicated deposit area, physically separated from the recycler area, where the notes are neatly stacked in a sealed bag.

Automated And Secure Cash Transfer

The transfer of notes from the teller recycler area to the deposit area is totally automated and secure. Any cash not to be re-used may be directly transferred to the deposit area and a provisional credit on the deposited value is easily achievable.


Connectivity CM18B improves security, control and saves time in the cash process. With its flexible and secure connectivity options, the teller cash recycler and bag machine can be connected in different ways to provide several levels of security. Every transaction is tracked and logged to guarantee security and over the possibility of immediate audits. The easy integration of the CM18B with a cash management software will improve still further, the optimisation of cash within any environment.

Dimensions W 440mm x D 900mm x H 1035mm
Weight 450kg
Capacity Input: 200 note bundle, Output: 200 note bundle, Recycling Capacity: 3,000 notes (6 cassettes of 500 notes per cassette), Deposit Capacity: 3,000 (Mechanical-sealing bag)
Speed Input: 5 notes/second, Output: 7 notes/second
Display Colour QVGA touch screen graphics display
CF Detection IR, UV, US, MG (H+S) analysis
Currencies Multiple currencies available
Options R232, Floor anchor fixtures, Optional Embedded PC enabling integral Teller Application support
Additional Information Security: Strong Box, UL291, CEN III safes, Alarm sensors and fittings for standard locks, Software controlled safe door opening, Remote control for monitoring