CTL 120 Coin Counter & Bagger

The CTL Coin120 Coin Counter Is A High-Speed Compact Coin Counting & Bagging Machine.

  • Capacity of 18,000 coins 
  • Up To 2,500 Coins Per Minute
  • Continuous, Batch & Accumulation Counting Modes
  • Batching Function
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Product Description

Ideal for filling small plastic banking sachets

The Coin120 is a single denomination coin counting / bagging solutions.

It is mainly used for counting coins or tokens. this machine can continuously count and count to a pre-set number any pre-sorted coins.

The double dial adjustment allows simple setup. One setting of the dial is enough to select the proper denomination.

* Coins which are smaller by at least 0.5 mm than the present set denominations are off-sorted automatically.

Count totals can be stored in memory.

With the CTL Coin120 counting machine, businesses can quickly and accurately count and sort large quantities of loose coins.

 The Coin120 comes with an even greater and motorised hopper capacity. To make service easier, the whole hopper can be lifted without dismounting parts.

Dimensions W 296mm x D 373mm x H 390mm
Weight 14kg
Capacity 18,000 coins (Hopper)
Speed Count: 2,500 coins/min
Display LCD
Frequency 85w
Currencies Euro
Power Supply AC 100-240V
Options Reject Pocket Bag Holder, 2nd Display, Coin Tube Set, PC Interface