Laurel LAC-17 Coin Wrapping Machine

The Laurel LAC-17 Is A Heavy Duty Coin Wrapping Machine Used For The Continual Production Of Coin Rolls.

  • Wraps 40 coin rolls per minute!
  • Counts 3,000 coins per minute!
  • Automatic jam reconciliation!
  • Hopper capacity for 18,000 coins!
  • Compatible with Orfix Automatic Coin Rolls!
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Product Description

The Laurel LAC-17 is a heavy duty coin wrapping machine used for the continual production of coin rolls.

Automatic Jam Reconciliation & Rejection

The Laurel LAC-17’s unique mechanism clears jams quickly and automatically and the machine continues without interruption. Full coin sensors enable foreign coins, odd coins and smaller or larger diameter coins to be rejected.

Irregular coin stacks are automatically rejected into a 'Clear/Sort Box' with the number of coins rejected, automatically deducted and shown on the count display.

Multi-Coin Processing Capabilities (Self-Teach Mode)

The stacker motors and memory card make it simple to change coin wrapping specifications for whenever a new coin enters circulation or if other non-standard coins need to be temporarily handled.


Dimensions W 630mm x D 1085mm x H 450mm
Weight 150kg
Capacity Hopper Capacity: 18,000 coins
Speed Wrapping Speed: 40 Rolls / Minute Counting Speed: 3,000 Coins / Minute
Display LCD
Frequency 50-60Hz
Currencies Euro
Power Supply AC 100-240V
Options Hopper Sensor, AN Connection, Simple I/F, Count Chute, Roll Printer (Factory Option)
Additional Information Acceptable Coin / Token Specifications: 64