CMICO 168N Heavy Duty Coin Counting & Bagging Machine

The CMICO 168N Coin Counter Is A High-Speed Coin Counting & Bagging Machine.

  • Capacity of 10,000 coins
  • Counting speed of up to 3,100 coins per minute
  • Digital display showing clear results
  • Coin bagging tube can easily clamp and connect coin bags or wrapper tubes for packaging.
  • Built with wear-resistant material, which prevents the damage caused by high-speed metal collision
  • Batching Function
  • Unjamming button can reject the coins that get stuck on the counter
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Product Description

Introducing the CMICO 168N Coin Counter: Counting Coins Made Effortless!

Are you tired of the tedious task of counting coins by hand? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the convenience of the CMICO 168N Coin Counter – your ultimate coin counting solution!

Counting Made Swift and Accurate: The CMICO 168N employs advanced sensor technology, ensuring lightning-fast and precise coin counting. No more wasting time sorting and tallying coins manually; let the 168N do the work for you with incredible speed and accuracy.

Perfect for All Businesses: Whether you're a small retail store, a vending machine operator, a bank, or simply someone who handles coins regularly, the CMICO 168N is your ideal partner. Streamline your cash-handling processes and save valuable time that can be better spent on growing your business.

Batch Function: Organize your coins effortlessly with the CMICO 168N's batch and add functions. Set your desired coin quantities, and the counter will automatically stop once the batch is complete.

User-Friendly Interface: The 168N features a user-friendly interface with a clear digital display and intuitive controls. Counting coins has never been easier, making it accessible for both novice users and seasoned professionals.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining the CMICO 168N is a breeze, ensuring its peak performance and durability over time.

Make the smart choice and upgrade your coin counting experience with the CMICO 168N Coin Counter. Count coins with ease, accuracy, and efficiency – order yours today!

Dimensions W 350mm x D 600mm x H 425mm
Weight 20kg
Capacity 10,000 coins (Hopper)
Speed Count: 3,100 coins/min
Currencies Euro
Options Reject chute
Dual-exist chute
Bag guide and coin tube
Foot switch
External display