Hyundai MIB-11F

The MIB-11 is an ECB approved 2 pocket fitness banknote sorter and counter.

  • ECB approved for fitness & authentication
  • Double CIS
  • Excellent Tape detection
  • Serial Number Reading
  • TITO (Barcode Reading)
  • Up to 40 currencies SW can be installed
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Product Description

The MIB-11F is a multi-currency banknote counting and sorting machine. With 2 contact image sensors, UV, MR, IR sensors it provides the highest performance in it class for counterfeit and fitness detection.

Capable of processing up to 40 currencies, it can also support the reading and capture of serial numbers, cheques, barcodes and TITO tickets. Software can be upgraded via memory stick or simultaneously when connected over a LAN.

It’s compact design and fast processing speed make it an ideal machine for financial, retail and gaming environments.

Dimensions 286mm(W) x 347mm(D) x 319mm(H)
Weight 12kg
Capacity 500 notes (Hopper)
300 notes (Stacker)
100 notes (Reject)
Speed 1,200 Note/Min (Fitness Sorting)
1,200 Note/Min (Value Counting)
1,500 Notes/Min (Piece Counting)
Display 4.3” color TFT
CF Detection IR
Tape (Mechanical Thickness Sensor)
Currencies Up to 40 currency mix
Power Supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Additional Information Micro SD