CTL 100 Coin Counter & Bagger

The CTL Coin100 Coin Counter Is A High-Speed Compact Coin Counting Machine.

  • Capacity of 12,000 coins 
  • Up To 2,500 Coins Per Minute
  • Continuous, Batch & Accumulation Counting Modes
  • Batching Function
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Product Description

Ideal for filling small plastic banking sachets

The Coin100 is a single denomination coin counting / bagging solutions.

It is mainly used for counting coins or tokens. this machine can continuously count and count to a pre-set number any pre-sorted coins.

The double dial adjustment allows simple setup. One setting of the dial is enough to select the proper denomination.

* Coins which are smaller by at least 0.5 mm than the present set denominations are off-sorted automatically.

Count totals can be stored in memory.

With the CTL Coin100 counting machine, businesses can quickly and accurately count and sort large quantities of loose coins.


Dimensions W 270mm x D 362mm x H 240mm
Weight 11kg
Capacity 12,000 coins (Hopper)
Speed Count: 2,500 coins/min
Display LCD
Frequency 70w
Currencies Euro
Power Supply AC 100-240V
Options Reject Pocket Bag Holder, 2nd Display, Coin Tube Set, PC Interface