Double Power Euro Coin Sorter

The Double Power DP-518 Is A Compact, Easy To Use Euro Coin Sorter And Batching Machine.

  • Continuously Count
  • Preset Count
  • Denomination Sorting
  • Batching
  • Clean & Simple Maintenance
  • Connection Ticket Printer
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Product Description

The Double Power Euro Coin Sorter is a very quick and easy to use coin sorting and batching machine for Euro coins.

For its size, simplicity and functionality, is a very interesting machine for companies counting, sorting and batching an average volume of the coin. This machine is presented as an economical alternative to large investments in traditional machines.

The DP-518 euro coin sorting machine can calculate the numbers, amount, grand numbers and the total value of all coins. There is an auto stop feature for when the coin tray is empty. Once a count is finished the machine will display a final report on its LCD screen with an option to print the coin counting results.

Dimensions W 340mm x D 598mm x H 434mm
Weight 20kg
Capacity 8,000 coins (Hopper), 300 coins (€0.10, €0.20, €0.50, €1, €2 slot), 400 coins (€0.05 slot) 800 coins (€0.01 slot)
Speed Count: 600-800 coins/min (mix)
Display LCD
Frequency 50-60Hz
Currencies Euro
Power Supply AC 110-230V
Options Printer
Additional Information Denominations: 9, Auto shutdown when the hopper is empty, Report coin counting result.