Masterwork NC-8500

The Masterwork NC-8500 Is An ECB Approved High Speed Multi-Currency Banknote Counter, Fitness Sorter & Authenticator.

  • Value Counting
  • Mix Counting
  • Fitness Sorting
  • Denomination Sorting
  • Face & Orientation Sorting
  • UV, MG and IR Authentication
  • Up To 12 Currencies
  • Up To 1,100 Notes Per Minute
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Product Description

NC8500, the latest and most advanced model from MA, is the fastest fitness sorter in the group, featuring enhanced and reliable authentication / fitness sorting ability.

Built with wide range counterfeit detection capabilities, NC8500 stops counterfeits by using the most advanced counterfeit detection technology in the industry.

Three pocket design, assists users to process banknotes in the shortest time. With easy modes switching to fulfill all kind of cash handling process, it reduces workload with high speed and accuracy.

Supporting most of the currencies worldwide, and various possibilities for connectivity, satisfying the growing demand for more efficient cash management.

Dimensions 13.7" x 17.6" x 17.3"
345 x 445 x 437 mm
Weight 30kg
Capacity 500 Circulated Banknotes (Hopper)
250 Banknotes (Pocket 1)
250 Banknotes (Pocket 2)
250 Banknotes (Reject Pocket)
Speed 1100 Note/Min. (Piece Count)
1000 Note/Min. (Denomination Count)
1000 Note/Min. (Serial Number Count)
1000 Note/Min. (Fitness Count)
Display 4.3" LCD control panel
CF Detection Dual CIS
Infrared reflection and transmission
Thickness Sensor
Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, LOCAL (OPTION), Up to 12.
Power Supply AC 100-240V
Options Remote Display
Thermal Printer