Mabas SBM-90 Banknote Banding Machine

The SBM-90 Is An Automatic Note Banding Machine With Integrated Ink-Jet Graphic Printer And Is Manufactured By Mabas Electronics.

  • Automatic Product Bander And Sealer
  • Automatic Printing Of Four Lines Document After Banding
  • RS232 Port And Memory For Data Transfer From PC
  • Open-Loop Paper Feeding
  • Heat Sealing System
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Product Description

The SBM-90 is an automatic banknote banding machine with an integrated ink-jet graphic printer and is manufactured by Mabas Electronics, a company which specialises in the research & development of banking automation solutions.

This is an innovative solution for banknote banding application. The system is a heavy duty automatic banding machine. The Mabas SBM-90 is easy, quick, reliable and productive and includes an integrated band printer. Previously, all of the necessary information on a banknote strap band such as bank name, branch name, operator name and date were stamped or written manually by the user. The SBM-90 prints this information automatically across 4 lines on the band after finishing the banding cycle. The information on 3 of the lines lines (20 characters each) can be set by the operator. The last line which is the day/month/year/time is generated by the system and not changeable by the user.

It is also possible to transfer data lists for the 3 lines from a PC using the RS232/USB interface and a windows application.

With the advantages of small dimensions, less weight, less noise and 24V-DC operation safety, the MABAS SBM-90 is portable and compact.

Band reel changes and cartridge head cleaning are simple and all operation parameters such as banding temperature and tightness can easily changed by the user and displayed on the operator panel LCD-display.


Dimensions W 112mm x D 400mm x H 255mm
Weight 7.5kg
Speed 20 Banding Cycles per Minute
Display LCD 2-lines Display
CF Detection None
Currencies Multi-currency operation
Power Supply AC/DC Adapter, 24V
Additional Information Open-Loop Paper Feeding, Heat Sealing System, Automatic Printing of 4 lines Document after Banding, Adjustable Banding Position Mechanism, RS232 Port and Memory for Data Transfer from PC, Automatic Banding Starts Automatically, Manual Banding Starts after Pressing the Button