Tellermate TiX-R4500 Note & Coin Weigher

The Tellermate TiX-R4500 Note And Coin Weighing Scales Can Count A Full Cash Register (Including Gift Vouchers & Tokens) And Balances From Card Or Check Payments In Under A Minute.

  • Note And Coin Counting
  • Silent Weighing Scales
  • Gift Voucher And Token Counting
  • Card And Check Balancing
  • Counts A Cash Register In Under 1 Minute
  • Euro And NIP Currencies
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Product Description

The Tellermate TiX-R4500 series is a flexible cash office management tool for the retail, foodservice and grocery industries that gives head offices the power to remotely monitor cash processes at a site level.

With single and multi-register options, the R4500 allows users to count and manage coins, notes, vouchers and tokens alongside balances from card or cheque payments.

The note & coin counting weighing scales is designed to be a comprehensive cash room solution assisting the operator to perform everyday tasks using functions mapped specifically to them. The integrated numeric keypad allows balances and reference numbers to be entered and reported.

Count data can be sent in report format to a Tellermate printer, a PC or directly to an internal computer network.

Tellermates’ ‘R’ series note & coin counting scales  are designed so onsite staff spend less time counting and reporting on cash, allowing time for more rigorous audit and security processes. Cash levels in the safe and on the shop floor can be managed while the analysis of actual cash data can be processed centrally.

The result is cash that is processed, reported on and monitored more swiftly and effectively minimizing losses and making your management team more reactive to problems.

Dimensions W 90mm x D 280mm x H 155mm
Weight 0.8kg
Capacity 2kg
Speed Full Cash Register in less than a minute
Display Large Backlit Graphic Display
Frequency 50-60Hz
Currencies Euro, NIP
Power Supply AC 100-240V
Options Multi-register memory option for up to 150 registers, Fourth count task to manage independent registers, Closeout summary by register, Report on either single registers or total count to Tellermate printer, PC or network
Additional Information Liquid resistamt key mat and drainage lines.